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AboutThe Client

Back to Work is a platform aimed at female professionals who have found it difficult to return to the professional world after a break. We will be working with corporate organisations and businesses to develop career re-entry programs, training programs and one on one coaching programs to assist women get back to paid employment or self-employment.

Back to Work was founded due to an incident that should never have happened. Earlier on in her career, Uju Obuekwe was forced to leave her job in corporate banking after being asked to resign for not adhering to an abhorrent policy, of no maternity leave until you have worked for several years. Although a long time ago but it was an embarrassing experience and she promised herself that one day she would do something about it.

She subsequently worked in other banks after a career break. In 2010, she co-founded Platform Branding Co. Ltd. with her sister. She joined various female entrepreneurship networks and is President of the Women X13 cohort of the Enterprise Development Centre CEM Program where women support each other and collaborate together.

Uju has a certificate in Corporate Innovation from the Stanford Graduate School of Business LEAD Program and as part of her Innovation Challenge, during her Design Thinking Course, she explored how women who took a career break can get back to the workplace.