AboutThe Client

Xela Hotels and Resorts, Ile-Ife. Xela hotels offer a place to unwind, when in need of hotel accommodation. Our outdoor bar is very popular in Ile-Ife, with our large screens and chilly beer, you can choose to hang out in the main bar or the garden. Our kitchen serves the best local dishes, hot sizzling, and fresh. The Bar remains open 24 hours so feel free to relax and enjoy the view of our garden, with our unique tasty barbecue (asun), spiced up with pepper that keeps you whistling. Xela hotels and resorts is close to the popular Ori Olokun roundabout, along Ibadan-Ife road, and about fifteen minutes drive to Obafemi Awolowo University campus. Less than thirty minutes away is the palace of the Ooni of Ife, and in a different direction is Oduduwa University, Ile-Ife. Visitors to Ile-Ife will find a very hospitable and merry loving people, during their stay.